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VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTIONS (subject to change as needed)

Football and cheerleading is a family commitment. The Brighton Junior Bruins is a 100% volunteer organization, and therefore depends entirely on the coordinated efforts of volunteers (you). Board members and coaches contribute countless hours of time and energy to make the football and cheer season a success. As such, the Brighton Junior Bruins require the support of all athletes' families to make the season happen.

Volunteering consists of mandatory Game Day Positions and Additional Support opportunities.

Athletes’ families are required to fill between 2 to 4 Game Day Positions per athlete per season, depending on enrollment and the needs of the league.* Each home game requires approximately 42 volunteers in addition to the coaches and board members.

*Coaches and Board members are usually exempt from this requirement; however as a BJB family you will generally find these people are the first to willingly accept additional tasks as required.

Additional Support Positions are needed in addition to the required Game Day Positions, to prepare and execute special functions/events such as Team Parent, Uniform hand-out/return, Picture Day, and the End of Season Banquet; however these positions do not count toward the Game Day Position requirement.

The BJB Board Volunteer Coordinator will hold sign-up sessions for Game Day Positions once the league confirms the game day schedule. This is usually during practice during the first couple of weeks in August before equipment pick-up/uniform hand-out. Traditionally the first sign-up is at cheer practice and the second is at football practice. If you have special needs/circumstances please contact the BJB Board Volunteer Coordinator.

Game Day Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please check in for your volunteer position 15 minutes before the start of the game. If you fail to fulfill your Game Day volunteer obligation, your child(ren) will not play or cheer at the game/competition on that day or a subsequent game/competition and/or may be subject to other consequences as determined by the BJB Board.

In lieu of satisfying your volunteer obligation, a parent may elect to use "buy out" option for $500 per participant. Please contact the BJB board Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Please see below for general descriptions; however please keep in mind that changes may occur as needed either in descriptions/requirements or assignments so please check with the volunteer coordinator:

Game Day Volunteer Positions

· Merchandise Tent (one per football team for each home game) – Selling BJB merchandise for an entire football game. Involves sitting, standing, assisting customers and 50/50 volunteer, exchanging money and tracking items. Price list will be provided.

· 50/50 raffle/Merchandise (one per football team for each home game) - You will be walking and yelling through the stands on both sides of the field, selling 50/50 tickets and exchanging money for the 1st half of the game. The merchandise tent will supply the tickets, bucket and change apron.

· Chain Gang (three per football team each home game) – This is an on-field position, moving the chains, the down counter, and the clip on the opposing team's sideline. You must remain silent and refrain from cheering during the course of the game.

· Play Counter (one per football team each game) - This is an on-field position, working on the opposing team's sideline. Your job is to count each player on the opposing team plays the required number of plays in each half per League rules. The opposing team will provide you with a roster and a "helper" / "spotter" from their team. You are able to leave the field after each player has their plays for the first half, but will need to return for the second half.

· Play Count Spotter (one per football team each game) - This is an on-field position, working on our sideline. Your job is to assist the parent play counter from the opposing team in counting our players as they go on/off the field. You are an assistant.

· Bleacher Clean-up (one per home game) – Clean after the last game at the end of the day (approx. 5:30pm) including the bleachers on both sides, field, track and walkways – picking up litter. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided.

· Concessions stand (two per each football team for each home game) - Assist the concession manager with selling food/drinks/candy in the concessions booth each game. Gloves and price list are given at each shift.

· Concessions clean up (two per home game) – Assist the concession manager with concession clean-up after the last game at the end of the day (approx. 5:30pm).

· Spotter for Announcer (one per football team for each home game) - You will be in the announcer’s booth, feeding information to the announcer regarding players on the field. A roster will be provided and binoculars may be helpful.

· Game Announcer (three – 1 per football team / same person for all home games) – special training required

· Team First Aid Parent (1 per football team / same person for all games) – special training required

· Team videographer (one per football team / same person for all games) – special training required

Additional Support Volunteer Positions

· Team parent (one per football team and cheer squad) to attend practices, games and competitions in order to assist coaches and act as a communication liaison with parents. Assist with uniform sorting, cleaning, hand-out, collection; coach appreciation gift; cheer appreciation day; picture day; end of the season voting; and weather related interruptions/cancellations.

· Football field set-up (one per season for all home games)

· Football field equipment pick-up/equipment locker storage (one per season for all home games)

· Banquet Volunteers – (five per season) to assist with the trophies, program, sign-in table, silent auction & video/photo slideshow

· Football Equipment Safety Inspection coordinator (one per season) – pre-season set-up; hand out; adjustments and checks throughout the season – special training required

· Safety coordinator (one per season) – ensure ambulance attendance; first aid responder and/or physician at home games – special training required

· Flag Team support – Coach, assistant and referee(s).

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