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Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start and when does it end?

The 2024 season will begins with our first practice on August . Our season will conclude in late October or early November.

What are the age requirements to participate in Cheerleading?

Participant Grade ('24 - '25 school year)

C team

Grades 2 & 3

B team

 Grades 4 & 5

A team

Grades 6 & 7

How much does it cost to participate?

The registration fee for cheerleaders is $275

How many practices are there and what is the time commitment?

In summer we practice on the same schedule as the football players: Monday - Thursday, 6-8 pm, behind Brighton High School.

Attendance at practice is essential for both the skill development of our cheerleaders and to maximize their safety. Because of this, we ask that family vacations be scheduled before our first practice of the season. Attendance at practice is recorded and determines which cheerleaders will perform in competitions.

Once school begins, cheer teams will be practicing during the week either after school or early evenings. Practices during the school year vary by team and will be announced during August when indoor space has been approved by the BCSD administration.

Cheerleaders cheer at games each Sunday during the season.

When and where are the games?

We play our regular season games on Sundays. Each Sunday, the C team kicks off at 10:30, followed by the B team at 12:30 and the A team at 2:30. Each game runs for approximately two hours.

Our first game is TBD. We have a  game season (usually have four home games and four away games) and a championship game the  week (for teams that qualify). Our season usually concludes on the last weekend in October.

Our home games are played on Brighton High School varsity field.

Location of away games will be determined by who our opponents are. The schedule will be posted on the calendar.

Do the cheerleaders compete?

Competitions are on select Saturdays. Our league's annual cheer competition will be in October. We will also be attending additional competitions. The dates for these events are still being finalized.

What is required of parents?

Football & cheerleading is a family commitment. The Brighton Junior Bruins is a 100% volunteer organization, and therefore depends entirely on the coordinated efforts of volunteers (you). Board members and coaches contribute countless hours of time and energy to make the football and cheer season a success. As such, the Brighton Junior Bruins require the support of all athletes' families to make the season happen. Parent support typically take place during games, but there are parent support positions that take place during practices or to prepare and execute special events (such as the season-end Banquet). Sign up for parent support obligations will take place either at equipment pick-up for football players or during the first week of practice for cheerleaders. Parent support slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you fail to fulfill your parent support obligation, your child will be withheld from games, competitions, and/or practices.

What additional equipment is needed?

The cheer uniform top and skirt, and warm up jacket and pants are provided by the Jr. Bruins and MUST be returned at the end of the season clean and in good condition.

In addition, the items below must be purchased by each girl:

Each girl will need the following personal items

  • Low white ankle socks
  • Water bottle
  • Cheer Sneakers
  • Hair Bow

We also have girls who outgrow these items and they love to hand them down to the younger girls. Many parents find it helpful to spread the purchases out over the off season. If you need assistance with the additional items please contact our Cheer Coordinators and we can help you acquire what you need.

I have questions about cheer safety

The safety of all our athletes is a priority for the Brighton Jr. Bruins organization and we are striving to give each Brighton Junior Bruins' participant a safe and enriching experience.

Can a cheerleader be on a high school cheer team and a Jr. Bruins cheer team?

No. A league (RYFC) rule states that no cheerleader may cheer for both a high school cheer team AND an RYFCL team. This applies to all high school cheer teams, freshman through varsity.

What does a cheerleader need to be ready to practice?

WATER Bottle: nice big water bottle (please no juice or sticky sweet stuff - water is better).

HAIR UP OUT OF FACE: brush it out and put it in a pony tail - if they have bangs - please wear a head band. Bangs in the face = not safe.

NO JEWERLY - NONE. It is not safe to wear jewelry while cheering. T-shirt or tank and shorts or leggings - Please no skorts or hoods or loose clothes - these create safety issues.

WEAR SNEAKERS with ankle socks. Please no flip flops or non athletic shoes.

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR GAME SHOES TO PRACTICE. Game shoes are for games and competitions only. If they get dirty you can use a magic eraser sponge to clean them. Shoes should be kept clean to make our best impression especially on competition days!

Please give them a spray of insect repellant before they come to outdoor practices.

Please remind your cheerleader use the bathroom before bringing them to practice.

Everything you need to know about game day:

Head to toe: (we find it helpful to print this as a checklist and say each thing and your cheerleader says CHECK!)

  • Bag: To put their things in for the game.
  • Hair: UP! High ponytail with cheer bow visible from the front. If you think - Is that too high? It's just right ;)
  • Sunblock: apply before the games and throw in the bag to be reapplied.
  • Jewelry: NONE - the coaches will not be responsible for jewelry that is worn by accident. You cannot tape it - take it off and leave it at home.
  • Face: no excessive make up or glitter on the face. Smiles are free - bring them.
  • Water: Water, water, water, and water. ツ
  • Finger nails: NO FAKE NAILS - Nails should not be longer than the finger tip.
  • Tummies: Please make sure they EAT before the game, coaches should not have to battle "I'm starving" during the game or a longer than necessary break at half time for a meal they should have eaten before the game. The games are two hours. Children are at school without food for that long and we need them to come to the game fueled and rested same as they come to school fueled and rested. We need your help parents making sure the girls understand this. If you want them to bring a small snack put it in their bag and ready for half time - cheerleaders will stay on the field during half time.
  • Warm ups: After you receive the warm ups, always bring them in your bag; you never know when a cold wind may blow.
  • Feet: plain white low crew socks and CHEER SHOES!!! YAY - *be careful cleaning these - use magic eraser sponge do not use bleach on the plastic part, as some experienced yellowing.

After the game if they want to eat please bring a t-shirt and throw it on over the uniform. Do not eat messy foods like pizza with our uniform on.

Give your daughter a pep talk about being an athlete with a positive attitude and making it all the way through the game as an athlete, not a dressed up spectator with a good view. It gets hot, it gets cold, the games can go long. It can be tempting to treat it as a playtime with their cheer sisters, and it can be hard. They will all live and will enjoy it more if they are focused on their job - to perform well the WHOLE game. The coaches need your help in keeping this message consistent - YOU CAN DO IT!

What is your policy for inclement weather?

The BJB organization relies on to determine the Heat Index or Wind Chill. Both will be checked one hour before each practice or game by a certified athletic trainer, director, or designee. Here's how Heat Index and Wind Chill are determined.

Click here for our Heat Index Procedures.

Click here for our Wind Chill Procedures.

We also follow the Thunder and Lightning Policy that Section V follows, which calls for play to be suspended for 30 minutes after the last boom of thunder or flash of lightning. Click here for more details.

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